Saturday, January 19, 2008

Go Phones from ATT / Cingular - Which is the Best Plan?

AT&T GoPhone offers two distinct styles of prepaid service. Both plans have no annual contract, no credit check and no deposit. The AT&T GoPhone is billed at $.25 cents per minute or $.10 per minute with a $1 daily charge. Customers can choose to lower their plan to $.10 cents per minute by paying a $1 daily fee (only on days a call is placed with the phone). The $1 per day access fee also allows you to purchase the 3,000 Nights and Weekends plan for $19.99 with unlimited calling to all AT&T subscribers nationwide.

So which is the best plan for you? If you use your phone daily, then the 10 cent plan with the daily $1 fee is the best deal - if you don't use your phone frequently, then the 25 cent flat rate with no daily fee may be best.

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Linda n STL said...

I bought a double minutes tracfone. Is the 15 digit PIN number the same as my serial number?
Also, where are the answers to questions that other people have posed? I have some similar questions.