Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Does Pin Free Dialing work on Phone Cards?

Using long distance phone cards for making international and domestic (USA) calls have for a long time proven to be much cheaper than traditional long distance plans. When you buy a calling card you are issued a pin number and an access number to place your calls. In recent years, pin free dialing has become very popular and made use of phone cards much easier because you don't have to remember those long pin numbers. There are some limitations, complete details can be found at .

The way they work is simple - you can setup your phone card to work with your home phone, your office, even your cell phone and have those numbers programmed to work with your pin so that when you call FROM one of those numbers the "system" recognizes the phone number you are calling in from and matches that up with your pin number and you can then "skip" entering your pin. At we call this feature "PinSkip". It works by capturing your caller ID from the phone you are using so you don't have to enter your pin. You can program up to 5 different phone numbers on any phone card you purchase from by logging into your account, or by calling customer service at 1-800-215-4922.


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